1: WWE's Holiday Tour Dates Experience the excitement of WWE live events this holiday season, featuring New Years Day Raw.

2: Ring in the New Year Start 2022 with the energy of WWE at New Years Day Raw, part of the festive holiday tour.

3: Raw on New Years Day Celebrate with your favorite WWE superstars as Raw comes to you on New Years Day.

4: Live Holiday Entertainment Catch all the action and drama of WWE's holiday tour, including New Years Day Raw.

5: Get Your Tickets Now Don't miss out on the thrilling WWE holiday tour, culminating in New Years Day Raw.

6: Family-Friendly Fun Experience the magic of WWE live events this holiday season, enjoy New Years Day Raw.

7: Start the Year Right Kick off 2022 with the intensity of WWE live at New Years Day Raw.

8: New Years Day Spectacular Ring in the new year with WWE's holiday tour, featuring the electrifying Raw event.

9: Make Memories Join the WWE universe for an unforgettable holiday experience, including New Years Day Raw.

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