1: "Blue Bloods Fans: Wondering Why Your Favorite Show Isn't on Tonight? Find Out When It Returns!"

2: "Missing Blue Bloods? Mark Your Calendars for Its Return Date and Get Excited!"

3: "Curious About the Hiatus? Here's When You Can Expect Blue Bloods to Be Back on Your Screen!"

4: "Don't Worry, Blue Bloods Fans! Your Favorite Show Is Just Taking a Short Break – Here's When It Returns"

5: "While Blue Bloods Isn't on Tonight, Here's When You Can Expect New Episodes to Air"

6: "Stay Tuned, Blue Bloods Fans – Here's the Scoop on When You Can Catch Your Favorite Show Again"

7: "Mark Your Calendar for the Return of Blue Bloods – Find Out When It's Back on TV!"

8: "Missing Blue Bloods? Here's When You Can Expect to See Your Favorite Characters Again"

9: "Can't Wait for Blue Bloods to Return? Here's When You Can Watch New Episodes of the Hit Show"

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