1: Paul Rudd's Ant-Man Role Discover how Paul Rudd prepares for his Ant-Man role with a restrictive diet.

2: The Diet Secrets Learn about the strict diet that Paul Rudd follows to stay in shape as Ant-Man.

3: Meal Plan Revealed Find out what Paul Rudd eats on his dull restrictive diet for Ant-Man.

4: The Struggle Is Real Understand the challenges Paul Rudd faces while sticking to his boring diet for Ant-Man.

5: Boring Rewards Explore the underwhelming rewards Paul Rudd receives for his dedication to Ant-Man.

6: The Sacrifices Uncover the sacrifices Paul Rudd makes to maintain his superhero physique for Ant-Man.

7: Keeping It Real See how Paul Rudd stays grounded despite his mundane diet for Ant-Man.

8: Ant-Man's Secret Weapon Discover the surprising benefits of Paul Rudd's mind-numbing food choices for Ant-Man.

9: Enduring the Diet Witness Paul Rudd's determination as he continues his lackluster diet for Ant-Man.

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