1: Looking to spruce up your outdoor space? Learn how to build a DIY patio for less than $299 with our easy step-by-step guide.

2: Gather materials including pavers, sand, and gravel to create a budget-friendly patio that adds value to your home.

3: Start by measuring and marking the area where your patio will go, then dig down to create a level base for your pavers.

4: Lay your pavers in a pattern of your choice, making sure they are tightly packed together for a durable patio surface.

5: Fill in the gaps between pavers with sand and gravel, then compact the surface to ensure a stable and long-lasting patio.

6: Add finishing touches like outdoor furniture and plants to complete your DIY patio oasis for under $299.

7: Enjoy your new outdoor space with friends and family, knowing you saved money and added value to your home.

8: Maintain your patio by regularly sweeping and hosing down the surface to keep it looking clean and fresh.

9: Follow our budget-friendly DIY patio guide to create a beautiful outdoor retreat for less than $299. Start building today!

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