1: Gina Torres stars in Pearson, The Suits spinoff focusing on Jessica Pearson.

2: Find out what to expect when she moves to Chicago. Will she thrive in the Windy City?

3: No Netflix? No problem, watch Pearson on USA Network. Get ready for drama, power plays, and intrigue.

4: Can Jessica navigate the corrupt world of Chicago politics? Will she rise to the top once again?

5: New challenges await as she tackles a new city. Will she succeed or fall from grace?

6: Follow Jessica's journey as she fights for justice. Her strong presence and sharp mind will be tested.

7: Will old allies help her or stand in her way? Find out the twists and turns in Pearson.

8: Gina Torres shines as the powerful Jessica Pearson, Don't miss out on this gripping drama series.

9: Watch Pearson for a thrilling ride of ambition and betrayal. Experience the highs and lows of Jessica's next chapter.

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