1: Spot the differences in 15 seconds! Can you see the changes in the gentleman's outfit?

2: Look closely at the tea cup! Notice any variations in the design within 15 seconds?

3: Identify the alterations in the background! Find 3 differences in the gentleman's surroundings.

4: Observe the gentleman's facial expression! Can you pinpoint the changes within 15 seconds?

5: Scan the images quickly! Spot the variations in the position of the tea pot and tray.

6: Focus on the gentleman's posture! Find 3 differences in his body language within 15 seconds.

7: Pay attention to the details! Spot any differences in the color of the tea being poured.

8: Check for changes in the lighting! Identify any variations in the shadows cast by the gentleman.

9: Challenge your observation skills! Can you find 3 differences in the gentleman drinking tea pictures under 15 seconds?

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