1: Blue Ridge Parkway Closed Near Asheville Rangers shut down popular section due to dangerous bear-related incident.

2: Visitors ignored warnings, fed bear provoking aggressive behavior. Park officials stress importance of wildlife safety.

3: Black bear poses threat to tourists, forcing closure for public safety. Feeding wildlife jeopardizes human and animal safety.

4: Rangers work to deter bear from seeking human food. Parkway remains closed until further notice.

5: Authorities emphasize bear's unchanged behavior, caution against approaching or feeding. Respect wildlife to prevent dangerous encounters.

6: Closure affects weekend travelers, underscores need for responsible tourism. Park rangers respond to increased wildlife disturbance.

7: Visitors reminded to follow park guidelines, respecting natural boundaries. Bear encounters can be avoided with proper precautions.

8: Local officials urge public cooperation, ensuring park remains safe for all. Parkway closure serves as wildlife conservation effort.

9: Asheville visitors disappointed by closure, highlight power of individual actions. Responsible behavior essential in protecting wildlife habitats.

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