1: "Tom Selleck" Tom Selleck, known for his role as Frank Reagan, has remained a fan favorite since the beginning of Blue Bloods.

2: "Bridget Moynahan" Bridget Moynahan, who plays Erin Reagan, has come a long way in her career and remains a vital member of the cast.

3: "Donnie Wahlberg" Donnie Wahlberg, who stars as Danny Reagan, has shown immense growth both on and off the screen throughout the series.

4: "Will Estes" Will Estes, who portrays Jamie Reagan, has evolved into a versatile actor with a dedicated fan following over the years.

5: "Len Cariou" Len Cariou, who plays Henry Reagan, continues to bring depth and wisdom to his character, captivating audiences with every episode.

6: "Sami Gayle" Sami Gayle, who shines as Nicky Reagan-Boyle, has demonstrated remarkable talent and versatility as an actress in Blue Bloods.

7: "Vanessa Ray" Vanessa Ray, who portrays Eddie Janko, has won over fans with her captivating performance and engaging portrayal of her character.

8: "Gregory Jbara" Gregory Jbara, known for his role as Garrett Moore, has remained a key member of the cast, delivering powerful performances throughout the series.

9: "Marisa Ramirez" Marisa Ramirez, who stars as Maria Baez, has proven herself as a versatile and talented actress, bringing depth to her character's dynamic role.

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