1: Blue Bloods Cast Meet the iconic actors from Blue Bloods, including Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, and Bridget Moynahan.

2: Frank Reagan Tom Selleck plays Commissioner Frank Reagan, a dedicated leader of the NYPD.

3: Danny Reagan Donnie Wahlberg portrays Detective Danny Reagan, known for his tough yet compassionate nature.

4: Erin Reagan Bridget Moynahan stars as ADA Erin Reagan, balancing family and legal responsibilities.

5: Jamie Reagan Will Estes plays Officer Jamie Reagan, the youngest son with a strong sense of justice.

6: Linda Reagan Amy Carlson portrayed Linda Reagan, Danny's late wife and a supportive member of the family.

7: Henry Reagan Len Cariou stars as Henry Reagan, the family patriarch and former police commissioner.

8: Eddie Janko Vanessa Ray plays Officer Eddie Janko, Jamie's partner and eventual romantic interest.

9: Garrett Moore Gregory Jbara portrays Deputy Commissioner Garrett Moore, a trusted advisor to Frank Reagan.

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