1: 1. Classic Bellini: A mix of peach puree and sparkling wine creates a timeless cocktail.

2: 2. Raspberry Bellini: Add a splash of raspberry puree to your bubbly for a fruity twist.

3: 3. Strawberry Bellini: Blend fresh strawberries with prosecco for a sweet and refreshing drink.

4: 4. Mango Bellini: Elevate your party with a tropical flair by adding mango puree to your cocktail.

5: 5. Blood Orange Bellini: Brighten up your gathering with the vibrant flavors of blood orange and prosecco.

6: 6. Lavender Bellini: Infuse your drink with a touch of elegance by adding lavender syrup to your prosecco.

7: 7. Elderflower Bellini: Add a floral note to your party with a hint of elderflower liqueur in your cocktail.

8: 8. Kiwi Bellini: Go for a unique twist by blending kiwi puree with your prosecco for a refreshing drink.

9: 9. Blueberry Bellini: Indulge in a burst of berry flavor by mixing blueberry puree with your bubbly.

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