1: After leaving NCIS, Tony and Ziva enjoy a quiet life with their kids at Paramount Studios.

2: Tony's new job as a script consultant brings excitement to his life after years of crime-solving.

3: Ziva's career as a translator takes off, allowing her to use her skills in a new way.

4: Their kids are thriving in school and love exploring the backlots at Paramount.

5: Tony and Ziva sneak away for romantic date nights in the charming streets of Hollywood.

6: Their bonds with old colleagues remain strong, as they visit the NCIS set occasionally.

7: Rumors swirl about a potential NCIS reunion, leaving Tony and Ziva to ponder their future.

8: Tony and Ziva navigate the ups and downs of fame and family life in Tinseltown.

9: Will they return to NCIS, or is their future at Paramount Studios just beginning? Stay tuned.

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