1: "Boost your keto diet with fiber-rich foods like avocados and chia seeds for better digestion."

2: "Increase magnesium intake with nuts and seeds to support muscle and nerve function on keto."

3: "Enhance iron levels on a keto diet with sources like lean meats and dark leafy greens."

4: "Stay hydrated with water and electrolytes to prevent deficiencies while following a keto diet."

5: "Include high-fiber vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower for gut health on keto."

6: "Balance your macronutrients with magnesium-rich foods like spinach and almonds for optimal health."

7: "Boost iron absorption by pairing plant-based sources with vitamin C-rich foods on keto."

8: "Stay consistent with fiber intake from nuts and seeds to support gut health while on a keto diet."

9: "Consult a healthcare professional to ensure you're meeting your nutrient needs on a keto diet."

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