1: Boost your energy instantly with iron-rich foods like beef and lentils.

2: Spinach and tofu are great sources of iron and vitamin B12 for energy.

3: Eggs and fortified cereals can help increase your energy levels.

4: Clams and mussels are rich in iron and vitamin B12 for a quick energy boost.

5: Incorporate salmon and turkey into your diet to feel more energized.

6: Be sure to include chicken and yogurt in your meals for a dose of iron and vitamin B12.

7: Pumpkin seeds and quinoa are excellent plant-based sources of energy-boosting nutrients.

8: Shellfish and beans are delicious options to increase your iron and vitamin B12 intake.

9: Stay energized with a balanced diet of iron and vitamin B12-rich foods like liver and nutritional yeast.

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