1: Include: Berries - rich in antioxidants Avoid: Processed meats - high in saturated fats

2: Include: Fatty fish - high in omega-3 fatty acids Avoid: Sugary drinks - can contribute to inflammation

3: Include: Leafy greens - packed with vitamins and minerals Avoid: Trans fats - linked to cognitive decline

4: Include: Nuts - source of healthy fats and antioxidants Avoid: Highly processed foods - lack nutritional value

5: Include: Whole grains - provide fiber and nutrients Avoid: Excessive alcohol - can damage brain cells

6: Include: Olive oil - rich in monounsaturated fats Avoid: Excessive salt - can increase risk of hypertension

7: Include: Avocados - contain healthy monounsaturated fats Avoid: Fried foods - high in unhealthy trans fats

8: Include: Beans - high in fiber and protein Avoid: Added sugars - can lead to inflammation

9: Include: Garlic - may help protect brain health Avoid: Red meat - limit intake due to saturated fats.

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