1: "Classic Potato Salad" Creamy potato salad with mayo, mustard, and pickles.

2: "Loaded Baked Potato Salad" Bacon, cheese, and chives add a tasty twist.

3: "Red Potato Salad" Herbs and olive oil dressing make this light and fresh.

4: "German Potato Salad" Vinegar-based dressing with bacon for a tangy kick.

5: "Sweet Potato Salad" Roasted sweet potatoes with maple vinaigrette and pecans.

6: "Blue Cheese Potato Salad" Tangy blue cheese and crunchy walnuts elevate the flavors.

7: "Avocado Potato Salad" Creamy avocado and lime dressing for a healthy twist.

8: "Mediterranean Potato Salad" Olives, feta, and Greek dressing for a flavorful combination.

9: "Cajun Potato Salad" Spicy Cajun seasoning and peppers for a bold flavor profile.

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